Newgen Energy Solution Co., Ltd. (Thailand) is the authorized distributor of Shandong AUYAN New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (China) who is an innovative enterprise specialized in manufacturing cryogenic equipment and providing the professional technical service. The main products are vehicle intelligent LNG cylinder, small-sized LNG supplying system and LNG/CNG/L-CNG filling station.

LNG is the best choice of fuel for heavy duty vehicles

Benefit of Using LNG and Natural Gas to Fuel Vehicles

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent versus conventional liquid fuels
  • Reduce fine particle matter (PM2.5). Exhaust gas from LNG vehicle is very clean
  • High cost saving, very fast return of investment
  • Long running distance per 1 time fuel charging

AUYAN Products Advantage

  • Various Cylinder Size for All Application
  • High Quality Product Standards
  • High Safety Standards
  • High Stability and Efficiency
  • Long Term Heat Preservation
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Example of Various LNG Cylinder Size and Application

Example of Vehicle LNG Cylinder Size

According to different requirements of continuation of the journey, AUYAN develops the following high capacity LNG gas cylinder

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LNG Cylinder Testing


Vibration Test

5G acceleration, vibration frequency 8-40 Hz, no leakage, swell or frost in an hour after vibration completed.

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Burning Test

Surface Temperature 550 degree C, 136 mins Safety valve jump up, 40 mins higher than standards.

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3M-Drop Test

Top up liquid nitrogen weight the same as LNG. Let the gas cylinder free fall from 3M above the ground, with the valve landed. No leakage, swell or frost in an hour.

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10M-Drop Test

Top up liquid nitrogen weight the same as LNG. Let the gas cylinder free fall from 10M above the ground, with the bottle landed. No leakage, swell or frost in an hour.

5 1

Impose 4 gram of impact load to the gas cylinder through direction X, Y, and Z, took for the most weakest position such as the Neck Area in the picture above which the safety factor >1; prove the stiffness and hardness of LNG Gas Cylinder effectively. AUYAN is the first LNG gas cylinder producer which passed the impact test based on the whole vehicle matching.

How is Natural Gas Used in Vehicles?

Natural gas is stored in LNG Cylinder as liquid phase. It is vaporized into gas phase and control gas temperature by vaporizer. Before gas will be fed to a spark-ignited, it will be controlled pressure by pressure regulator. From this point gas ready to feed to engine. Gas consumption to engine will be controlled by ECU.

Because methane is a small molecule that burns cleanly, natural gas vehicles have much simpler and cheaper after treatment systems than diesel to cover different requirement, we can provide customize service.

Our Professional Services and Supports

We will provide the full support in technical guidance and truck modification.

We will assist customer to monitor the operation of the truck and provide full support to solve the unexpected issue.

Both customer on-site training or training program at our factory can be arranged depends on customer request.

As part of the maintenance guarantee, we can jointly set up the service center with the customer.

We will provide the full knowledge and guidance based on our experiences

Certificate and Honor

International Standard Certifcation

AUYAN has passed ISO14001, OHSAS18001, IATF16949 certifcation, European Union CE certifcation, United Stated ASME certifcation ,and Russian EAC certifcation.

Patent and Reward

AUYAN has obtained 50 patents related with vehicle intelligent LNG Cylinder and won 17 national or local government honorary awards.

LNG Truck Conversion Project in Thailand

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