LNG is the best choice of fuel for heavy duty vehicles.

Benefit of Using LNG and natural gas to fuel vehicles

  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent versus conventional liquid fuels.
  • Reduces fine particle matter (PM2.5) because exhaust gas from LNG vehicle is very clean.
  • Reduces your fuel cost because LNG cost is lower than Diesel cost.

How is Natural Gas Used in Vehicles?

Natural gas is stored in LNG Cylinder as liquid phase. It is vaporized into gas phase and control gas temperature by vaporizer. Before gas will be fed to a spark-ignited, it will be controlled pressure by pressure regulator. From this point gas ready to feed to engine. Gas consumption to engine will be controlled by ECU.

Because methane is a small molecule that burns cleanly, natural gas vehicles have much simpler and cheaper after treatment systems than diesel to cover different requirement, we can provide customize service.

What we supply

One Stop Service for Customer.
*Design LNG cylinder for all vehicle.
*Installation and performance test.
*After-sales service by Gas Engine Specialist.

We can supply LNG Cylinder for vehicle varies size start from 150 L to 1000 L.
Nominal sizes (EU or GB standard)
Size 500 L Size 550 L Size 600 L
Size 850 L Size 950 L Size 1000 L