Prefabricated Space Frame Steel Structure LNG Cryogenic Gas Station​

          LNG is a liquefied natural gas filling station generally divided into four types: skid-mounted filling station, standard filling station, L-CNG filling station, mobile skid-mounted filling station.

Advantages of LNG Gas Station,
1. More safety: When there is abnormal pressure rise or pipeline leakage during filling and unloading, the system automatically closes the relevant pipeline valve, and can automatically cut off power in case of emergency.
2. More economical: less floor space, easy to move and transfer.
3. More intelligent: The PLC control system will monitor and control the equipment pressure, temperature, and flow in real-time, and automatically judge and repair all abnormal conditions to reduce the workload of the operators.
4. More reliable: After the on-site installation of the gas filling equipment, the operation failure rate is greatly reduced, and the LNG process pipeline’s construction quality and cold preservation effect are further improved.

LNG Filling station - สถานีเติมแก๊ส LNG

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